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Have you heard about Size Genetics? When the issue of the size of the penis is brought up, both women and men become undeniably very cautious. If something goes awry, a person's ego can get hurt and the relationship can be dissolved in an instant. Because of this, accomplished business men and women have capitalized on it and developed companies which are specifically dedicated to finding the cure to the issue of penile improvement. Undeniably, surgery became very common as it always is whenever there is a serious situation - it was believed to be the most effective and safest method of getting a bigger penis size. But, to demystify the 'safe' observation about surgery - it was quickly discovered to be quite expensive and dangerous. Because of that, surgery just could not cut it, and further searches were done to get the best enlargement solution for the penis.

As revolutions continue to go, Size Genetics is debatably the revolution in the penis enlargement field. When it was first introduced, it was subjected to numerous tests, which it really passed. It can be categorically stated that Size Genetics is nearly a 100% percent effective in giving a person the penis size he has always been dreaming of.

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Below are the benefits a person reaps from using the product:

A person gets a longer penis from using Size Genetics Unlike in the case of most conventional penis lengtheners, the girth of the penis is also improved.

Men who have curved penises can use Size Genetics to straighten them out.

As an indirect result, a person will have a bigger and harder erection.

The issue of premature ejaculation is also tackled and a person gets a better stamina and libido.

The extender has another great feature which makes it very effective: actually it has a comfort strap; this is a mechanism that allows a person to wear Size Genetics for hours on end without experiencing the least discomfort from using it. The system incorporated is known as a 'traction control system', and it ensures that just the required amount of pressure is applied to the penis.


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In size, the extender is quite a minute thing. It is less than the size of the palm and works on the muscle-building principle. This principle works when a continuous stretching force is exerted to a muscle, the body will react using the automatic responses by producing extra cells to cover up the strained thinness, and this leads to lengthening of the penis. With these extra tissues available in the penile muscles comes the necessity for more blood in order to fill the created spaces, and this leads to a bigger and better erection.

Categorically, Size Genetics has been tested by various medical bodies and has been declared as safe for use. Those who have used the product have affirmed its effectiveness and have not reported any side effects, as compared to the results gotten from traditional penis enlargement pills.

Inside the Size Genetics extender kit, users are expected to find DVDs for personal sexual development, A DVD teaching and enlargement exercises and A travel case which allow users to continue with the exercise even when travelling.

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